Video: “Bring Me Back to Life” Conference in Montreal; October 21, 2014

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Video Promo for the “Bring Me Back to Life” conference coming up on October 21, 2014 in Montreal!

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EDECMO Episode 11 – The Paris ECMO Course


Highlights from the Paris ECMO Course

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EDECMO Episode 10 – “Sequencing” – Ultrasound Priorities During ECPR

Pericardial Tamponade just before tap + ECPR

~Based on a listener voicemail message, this episode focuses on the cognitive task analysis of ultrasound during ECPR.

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“Bring Me Back to Life” 2014 – Oct 21, 2014 in Montreal

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The 2014 Bring Me Back To Life conference with @edecmo@ThinkingCC@nobleultrasound @emcrit October 21 2014, Montreal

— Max and JF (@EGLS_JFandMax) June 28, 2014

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Brilliant Lecture!: Weingart’s “The New Intra-Arrest” from SMACCgold

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One of the best lectures I’ve ever heard on State of the Art intra-arrest management.

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“State of the Art Resuscitation”: Bellezzo is speaking at the San Diego Emergency Medicine Summit

San Diego

August 19, 2014 at the Hotel Solamar in Downtown San Diego

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Chain of Survival: Hands Only CPR works!

American Heart Association website

Hands-only CPR > EMS CPR > ACLS > ED CPR > ED ECMO > Lives saved.

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“The Story of Ralph”


Ralph died on July 28, 2010. ACLS was unsuccessful. ECMO saved his life.

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EDECMO Episode 9 – The Antithesis of ECPR: African Ingenuity!

Shinar on Cameroon Radio Show

When your only option is to put the horse before the cart you focus on the basics: like history and physical exam, not ECMO!

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