The BEST Vascular Access Phantom for ECPR Simulation

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.04.23 PM

Jacob Avila from introduced us to this ultrasound vascular access phantom recipe using ballistic gel and it was amazing.

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EDECMO 20 – The Golden Hour & the Rule of 3’s: Optimizing the Critical First Hour on Heart-Lung Bypass


In this episode, Joe talks about that first critical hour on Heart-Lung Bypass. What are the most common and critical clinical scenarios that the ECMO operator faces in that first hour on pump? Listen to this episode to find out.

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ECMO Simulation Model Built by Zack!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.36.13 AM

Using parts purchased at Home Depot, Zack took apart a Tall Paul Anatomy Mannequin and built the whole thing from scratch. This is how it went down!

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EDECMO 19 – ECPR for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Japanese-Style!


Tetsuya Sakamoto is the principal investigator of a multi-center prospective observational study that was just recently published in the journal Resuscitation: Resuscitation. 2014 Jun;85(6):762-8. Zack and Joe met with Dr. Sakamoto during the 2014 AHA RESS conferences and talked all things ECPR. After that, Shinar sat down with Dr. Sakamoto to get his take on how the Japanese EMS system is setup and how they are able to implement ECPR into their resuscitation protocols.

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EDECMO 18 – Remote Ischemic Conditioning – with Graham Nichol


In this episode Zack & Joe talk with Graham Nichol about how to use remote ischemic conditioning to reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury after cardiac arrest.

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EM:RAP Mini – Zack & Joe recap AHA 2014: ‘bleeding edge’ interventions in the ED

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In this short segment that was generously produced and offered by the EM:RAP team, Zack and Joe recap some the the big topics from the American Heart Association 2014 conference in Chicago.

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2014 Essentials of Emergency Medicine was simply AMAZING!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.42.12 PM

The Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2014 in San Francisco was simply AMAZING!

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EDECMO 17 – The Reanimateur: Lionel Lamhaut on Pre-Hospital ECPR

Featured Image of Louvre

In this episode Zack talks with Lionel Lamhaut, a physician who is heading up their pre-hospital ECMO program. Yes, they are really doing ECMO in the field.

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EDECMO 16: The End-of-Life Matrix & The Ethics of Advanced Resuscitation with Dr. Cyrus P. Olsen III, D.Phil.

To Stop the Train

Zack & Joe talk with Dr. Cyrus Olsen about the challenges of deciding who does, and who doesn’t, get advanced resusctition.

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2014 AHA Resuscitation Science Symposium: “ECPR Implementation in a US Emergency Department”


Come join me this coming week that the American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium. I’m joining Lionel Lamhaut, Christian Bermudez, Maryam Naim and Sam Tisherman for a session on ECPR:

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