EDECMO 27 – A Real-World Case of a Crashing Multi-Drug OD Patient Saved with ED ECMO

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This is a real-world case of a multi-drug overdosed patient that would have died without ECMO. We talk about ECMO being a bridge to an intervention. Well, sometimes ECMO is a bridge to metabolism of drug/med that they OD’d on.

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EDECMO 26 – “ECPR is a Step Too Far” – Ho vs. Bellezzo: a SMACCback Chicago Cage Match


Are you ready for this rumble in the urban jungle?? Chris Ho vs Joe Bellezzo in the no holds barred debate about whether ECMO CPR is a step too far? The next cage match from SMACC Chicago.

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#REANIMATE16 would not have been possible without ‘a little help from our friends’ from the Alfred ICU


Last week Jason McClure, Paul Nixon and Chris Nickson came over to San Diego as the Alfred ICU’s representatives teaching on the #REANIMATE16 Endovascular Resuscitation Conference.

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REANIMATE 2: September 12 & 13, 2016

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REANIMATE 1 is now behind us. And it was a huge success. On February 25 and 26, 2016 physicians, nurses and paramedics from around the globe met at the UCSD Simulation Center/Center for the Future of Surgery and immersed ourselves in the art and science of Endovascular Resuscitation: ECMO, ECPR, REBOA, bleeding-edge resuscitation, and more.    From  the entertaining (and for Bellezzo maybe a little humiliating!) didactic sessions to hands-on down-and-dirty sim sessions, participants were given the opportunity to train with the best educators in the world of resuscitative science. And now we are ready to make it even better!

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EDECMO 25.5 – (Part 2) an EDECMO short with Jim Manning – on location with the SAMU pre-hospital ECMO team in France


In followup to our discussion with Jim Manning MD (@JManning_UNC) and Lionel Lamhaut (@LionelLamhaut) MD of the Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente (SAMU) for EDECMO Episode 25, the guys spent the last few days ‘just hanging out in Paris.”

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EDECMO 25 – ‘Ze ECMO TEAM.’ Manning and Lamhaut: Updates on ECMO, the new 7F REBOA Catheter, and Pre-hospital ECMO in France

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In this episode, Zack interviews Jim Manning MD (University of North Carolina) and Dr. Lionel Lamhaut from the famed French SAMU (Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente). REBOA. SAAP. Pre-Hospital ECMO. Its all here.

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Torsades De Pointes with Rob Orman from ERCAST

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This month Joe was honored to be a guest on Rob Orman’s famed Podcast ERCast. Joe and Rob define Torsades de Pointes, talk about management, and explain why OVERDRIVE pacing isn’t a real thing in the Emergency Department.

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The Birth of a Legend: #HollywoodWeingart

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The Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015 was AMAZING, in so many ways. One thing, in particular, stood out amongst others… The Birth of a LEGEND. Take a look at how a true legend is born:

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The Rat Pack: Another Year of EDECMO (2014/2015) – Video

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The Rat Pack: The Last Year of EDECMO!

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EDECMO 24 – Weaning VA-ECMO, with Deirdre Murphy


In this episode, Zack and Joe talk with Deirdre Murphy, the Deputy Director of the ICU, director of the cardiothoracic ICU at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The Alfred has put itself on the map in so many ways over the past decade. Home to Stephen Bernard (of the original Hypothermia after ROSC without RONF fame), Chris Nickson (@precordialthump, @I_C_N, @intensiveblog, #SMACC, lifeinthefastlane.com), and good friends Jason McClue, Steve McGloughlin, Josh Ihle, Paul Nixon, and Deirdre Murphy, The Alfred is becoming a mecca for advanced resuscitation and ECMO/ECPR. In this episode we sat down with Dr. Murphy to discuss the nuances of weaning a patient from ECMO.

As ED Docs, Zack and I find ourselves at the heroic end of the resuscitation spectrum when the dying patient goes on pump…but what happens at the other end? What happens in the hours, days, and weeks that follow? Listen to this episode to find out…

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