Crash Episode: Iowa OHCA ECMO Save – with Andrew Karl Terry

Crash Episode – This is a great example of where a little persistence with your colleagues can help save someone's life.  Dr. Andrew Karl Terry, having had only limited exposure to ECMO, was able to encourage his Cardiologists to put a witnessed VF patient on ECMO.  The rest is history!

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Sarah chamberlain

Wowzers Dr. Santa!!! Kudos to you for planting the seed and saving his young life! I am so grateful for our awesome ER team, miss you all ❤️

tom fiero
thank you Andrew Karl, and thank you Zack. this is what it is about. sometimes i feel like we are coming out of the dark ages. one hundred years ago, slightly more, the biggest health advance was sanitation. antibiotics less than 100 years. CT’s were a joke, a new toy, when i started. ultrasound? and now theres a handful of “renegades” around the planet, who are growing in numbers, who , like andy karl, within a few seconds , change a fifty year old man from dead to very alive, with ECMO. we had a 13 year old who took… Read more »