Episode 0 – About the EDECMO Project and the Hosts

In this episode you'll hear why we started the EDECMO project and a little bit about what we hope to offer.

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Joseph Bellezzo
7 years ago

Probably the most common question we get involves how to start an ECMO program de novo. Weingart is experiencing that exact thing right now. Julian Owen, from Canada, asked this very common question: “What’s the best way to get this kind of experience in a center that does not currently have ECMO? I know I’ve spoken to Dr. Shinar at a conference a little while back about these same dilemmas, but if you can suggest a way to get some experience with this stuff (even coming down to your center and seeing how you do things), please let me know.”… Read more »

Thomas D
7 years ago

Joe, Zack and Scott! Thanks for starting this blog! I think it’s time for more specialized sites like, this one focusing mainly on ED ECMO. I’m currently working in a University hospital in Norway that does have ECMO, but seems kind of shy about it. It’s not used as much as we could have, and it feels like it gets initiated a little late in the course of a downward spiraling patient. The great part is being in a center that does ECMO. It will only grow and get bigger and more utilized. In our center we certainly don’t initiate… Read more »

Joseph Bellezzo
7 years ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Thomas, Thanks for all the great comments. ECMO will be an integral component of the successful resuscitation of appropriate patients in future. We hope to contribute to the body of information on how to make it happen.

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