Crash Episode: Iowa OHCA ECMO Save – with Andrew Karl Terry

Crash Episode – This is a great example of where a little persistence with your colleagues can help save someone's life.  Dr. Andrew Karl Terry, having had only limited exposure to ECMO, was able to encourage his Cardiologists to put a witnessed VF patient on ECMO.  The rest is history!

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Sarah chamberlain

Wowzers Dr. Santa!!! Kudos to you for planting the seed and saving his young life! I am so grateful for our awesome ER team, miss you all ❤️

tom fiero
thank you Andrew Karl, and thank you Zack. this is what it is about. sometimes i feel like we are coming out of the dark ages. one hundred years ago, slightly more, the biggest health advance was sanitation. antibiotics less than 100 years. CT’s were a joke, a new toy, when i started. ultrasound? and now theres a handful of “renegades” around the planet, who are growing in numbers, who , like andy karl, within a few seconds , change a fifty year old man from dead to very alive, with ECMO. we had a 13 year old who took… Read more »
David Shufelt

I am very grateful to be alive. I am the gentleman that Dr. Terry was very persistent in getting on Ecmo. My hope is, that there will be many more lives saved like mine was by Ecmo. With doctors like Dr. Terry, I am sure there will be.Thanks to for doing these podcasts A big thank you to Dr Terry for sharing my story and his part in saving my lIfe.

Andrew Terry

Can’t help but crack a huge smile when I think about you David, thrilled you’re doing so well!

For anyone interested in hearing from David directly, check out this podcast we did with him:


Why Ecmo when you can have them put Impella and have smaller 9fr sheath in the leg and still get same amount of flow. Ecmo is only optimal when you have a low oxygenation environment