The Death of Mechanical CPR (mCPR)? Hell No!

Bellezzo was a guest on R.E.B.E.L. EM's podcast episode 34.

Our friends, Salim Rezaie and Anand Swaminathan, do a bangup job of reviewing this recent article, published in December 2016, that suggests that mechanical CPR (mCPR) may be more harmful than manual chest compressions:

  1. Buckler DG et al. Association of Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device Use With Cardiac Arrest Outcomes: A Population-Based Study Using the CARES Registry (Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival). Circulation 2016; 134: 2131 – 2133. PMID: 2799402

Bellezzo showed up to kick the article in the nuts.

Check out the REBEL EM blog and podcast:

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tom fiero
tom fiero
3 years ago

excellent discussions regarding mCPR; it seems almost crystal clear that the mechanical devices , like LUCAS 2 , are superior to manual compressions, for the many reasons elucidated here. It also seems like our nostalgic love for human compressions is like that old tale of John Henry vs the steam drill, and we know what happened there (perhaps not the best analogy).

tom fiero
tom fiero
3 years ago

thank you Joe; i had already enjoyed his words that same day. (me being a brooklyn boy, i listen to everything he has to say.)

Trina Wong
5 months ago

Thanks for sharing, Nice blog.

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