EDECMO Crash Episode – Demetris Yannopoulos on ECPR-the Minneapolis Way

We do an EDECMO ECPR course each year called REANIMATE. REANIMATE5 blew away all previous iterations. One of the main reasons was our guest of honor, Demetris Yannopoulos from the University of Minnesota. Demetris has organized Minneapolis into arguably the most impressive ECPR city in the world. We were lucky enough to be able to film his Sharp Hospital Grand Rounds. This lecture was mind-blowing and made us so jealous. We think you will love it.

Tickets are on Sale for REANIMATE6

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Hoss Shayan
Hoss Shayan
3 years ago

Great talk by Dr. Yannopoulis. I’d like to comment on some of the points that was brought up: 1) The point brought up regarding in-house arrest is interesting and worth elaborating on. It is somewhat unusual to have an ECPR program and during the time frame that over 140 OHCA were treated with ECPR no in-house arrests occurred or treated with ECPR. Most places starting an ECPR program begin with offering ECPR to in-house in-emergency room pts first. 2) I am very surprised that in a series of over 140 ECPRs no cases required LV unloading. As brought up the… Read more »

Hoss Shayan
Hoss Shayan
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott

Thanks Scott. Just got back from Euro ELSO. While aside from Alain Combes NEJM paper there were no big revelations however had great discussions surrounding some of the above points with experts from large ECMO centers. It was comforting to see our experience was the same as the experts. With regards to the above 2. Some experts argued that a heart on VA-ECMO post ECPR should always be vented to maximize the myocardial recovery. Makes physiological sense but no data to support this. Again, we can’t relate/understand the Minneapolis experience. 4. Between 20-40% conversion to VADs is seen at other… Read more »

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