July 8, 2024
Joe and I discuss in excruciating detail how to execute Stages I and II of ECPR

Joe and I discuss ECPR cannulae placement from a cognitive task analysis (sort of) perspective. Beware: agonizing detail follows.

I believe this episode may help you even if you never do ECMO, as it is directly applicable to large central line placement as well.

4 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Cognitive Task Analysis of Stages I and II of Extracorporeal CPR

  1. I found it more effective to apply pressure to the dilated vessel firmly with my finger, rather than using a pack of 4x4s; mainly because gauze obscures your view and diffuses the pressure ultimately making it less effective. Couple of vascular/cardiac surgeons that taught me cannulation prefer this method and I find the overall bloody mess to be greatly alleviated by using the pointed finger pressure technique.

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