EDECMO 37 – Nate’s Story

Jake is an Emergency Physician from Santa Cruz California whose interest in resuscitation was put to the fullest test when his own son had a cardiac arrest. This is the amazing retelling of that day in November when what Jake learned in an EDECMO workshop was utilized in a dramatic fashion. This is a story of two heros: Jake and his son Nate.

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Dylan Norton
Dylan Norton
3 years ago

This was a very touching and inspirational story. The bravery that Jake showed in resuscitating his son is remarkable. As a father, I don’t know that I would be able to detach myself emotionally enough to perform the way he did or make these critical and life-saving decisions. In listening to the case, however, I found myself wondering why the providers decided to start ECMO instead of empiric thrombolysis. From what I heard from the case presentation, it sounded like PE was the most likely cause of the arrest, and I believe I would have advocated for thrombolysis rather than… Read more »

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