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EDECMO 33a – “Bringing Down the House” by Zack Shinar (from RESUSfest 2016)

In this episode of the EDECMO podcast, Zack describes how to use the concept of ‘TEAM PLAY”, much like the gang from the classic novel “Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich, to optimize outcomes after cardiac arrest….with, or without, ECPR.

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EDECMO 32 – Archimedes Screw: Is Impella the Future of Mechanical Circulatory Support?

In this episode we explore two very different applications of the Impella┬« device – a percutaneously-placed temporary ventricular assist device (VAD) sold by Abiomed (no financial disclosures). These VADs work by the use of a micro-axillary pump which is typically placed by interventional cardiologists under fluoroscopy. The inlet of the pump is placed in the ventrical while the outlet rests just above the aortic valve.

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2017 Das SMACC

Finally we now know what DasSMACC has in store!

Here are some inside tips that we have received from the SMACC organising committee that will help you prepare for the ticket release which is scheduled for Wednesday 8.00 am 26th October (Sydney Australian EST), or 22.00 London, 17.00 New York on the 25th of October for those on that side of the world.

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EDECMO 31 – Anaphylaxis & Epi-Pens. Are we ready for VV-ECMO in the Emergency Department?

Here is a case of a young man who presented to the Emergency Department with profound anaphylaxis. This was a “CAN Intubate/CAN’T VENTILATE” scenario:

Max Epinephrine
Max antihistamines
Max steroids
Max ventilator
What options do you have? Find out in this episode.

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EDECMO 30 – Post-Arrest ECMO Critical Care Management with Deirdre Murphy

Post Pump Crit Care

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NEW ED ECMO Article from the ERECT Collaborative is in Press:

Article in Press: Practice characteristics of Emergency Department extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (eCPR) programs in the United States: The current state of the art of Emergency Department extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ED ECMO)

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The REANIMATE 3 Fellowship Contest – 2017

The REANIMATE team is offering one free ticket to #REANIMATE2 & #REANIMATE3 to the winner of our resuscitation essay contest!

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EDECMO 29 – ECMO in Hypothermic Cardiac Arrest – with Torvind Naesheim of Norway

Joe interviews Torvind Naesheim, an intensivist and cardiothoracic anesthesiologist from Norway, on the management of accidental hypothermic arrest using ECMO

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EDECMO 28 – The University of Utah EDECMO Experience and the ERECT Collaborative

Zack talks with the ED ECMO team from the University of Utah about how they established their ECPR program.

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Building REANIMATE 1: a video montage

When preparing for #REANIMATE16 there were no simulators for ECPR. There were no commercially available models for ECPR cannulation. There was nothing.

We had to build it. From scratch.

This short video documents the building of #REANIMATE16 and the first international endovascular resuscitation conference.

For Scott, Zack, and Joe #REANIMATE16 was a huge success…just in pulling it off!

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