2016 ECMO CPT Codes, RVUs, and MediCare Reimbursement

Ok, so we just crashed an arrested patient onto ECMO and he is going to the cath lab. Now, how do I document the procedure again?  What was the CPT for percutanous cannulation for VA-ECMO?  Does my billing company even know?

Bookmark this page for future quick reference of the current CPT codes, RVU values and MediCare reimbursements.

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  1. Joshua Hurwitz says

    CMS just dramatically reduced payment for peripheral ECMO as of 10/1/2018. ELSO has responded:

    Does anyone have details regarding the nature of this change?

    • Salisbury90 says

      So the reimbursement has been cut. Big wow. I thought this was about the patient. One site said ECMO survival for ECPR is 25%. $100000 is a little steep for a 75% failure rate. The price and cost are very different. Most hospitals have no idea how to cost their services and crank up prices to cover ignorance. It is time healthcare prices were market-driven. Let Walmart and Toyota open hospitals and see how quickly we realise what a racket healthcare is and see how rapidly prices plummet. Doctors would just learn to live on less.

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