June 6, 2024

In this episode of the ED ECMO Podcast, hosts Zack Shinar and Jon Marinaro interview Dr. Powell & Dr. O’Connor from Baltimore Shock Trauma, exploring ECMO’s critical role in trauma care and its impact on patient outcomes. They discuss patient selection criteria for ECMO, managing hemorrhage and anticoagulation considerations, choosing between veno-arterial and veno-venous ECMO, practical insights on vascular access, and strategies for team coordination during ECMO emergencies. This discussion is essential for trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, critical care teams, perfusionists, and anyone involved in trauma care or ECMO deployment.

1 thought on “90 – ECMO in Trauma with Dr. Powell & Dr. O’Connor

  1. Another great episode of EDECMO, fantastic work all!

    We have developed a trauma VA ECMO programme here in London, England at our Major Trauma Centre.

    Following on from basic and clinical science at our Centre for Trauma Sciences https://www.c4ts.qmul.ac.uk/ we have recognised that severe cardiovascular dysfunction/cardiogenic shock develops in a significant proportion of trauma patients, that is refractory to conventional MTC/ICU care.

    Since its inception in 2022, as part of our trauma VA programme, we have designed and integrated a “Trauma Shock Call” to rapidly screen, identify and discuss patients who may benefit from VA support following trauma.

    To date we have a 50% survival (with excellent functional and neurologically intact survival in our cohort).

    Although there is still much to do; indeed this is what my PhD is currently looking at, I think we have made a good start and it would be awesome to share ideas and collaborate with like-minded people in the ECMO community.

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

    Chris Bishop
    Senior Clinical Fellow/PhD in Trauma VA ECMO
    London, England

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